You probably have heard many times that to get the best credit card, you need to do intensive research. It could be done online or offline. However, the thing is that you should not settle for one prospect provider or accept what seems to be an attractive offer. By taking time to do research, you will save regrets after seeing that there are more favourable offer compared to what you accepted.

One of the primary considerations in choosing credit card is its low interest rate. It could be an introductory offer or it could be a seasonal offer. If you accept the offer taking into account other benefits of the card, then you need to stick to it as card hopping from one provider to another may ruin your credit score. But what if you saw that other providers are offering low interest rate credit card while you are tied up with higher interest in your current provider? Can you do something to lower the interest rate?

The answer is yes. With strong competition from various credit card companies, you as a customer become valuable to a company. So if others are offering low rates, it is possible that your company will also offer you low interest rate credit card as well. You can also ask or negotiate if your credit card company is not offering it.

You should have a good payment record. There is no better sign for the providers to give you low interest than when they see that you have been consistently paying your dues and fees.
You have favourable rapport with the provider. This does not mean that you should always be pleasing to the company even if you have to complain, or that you should comply with every bill even if it is questionable. This simply means that if you established a good relationship with your insurance provider and aims at working for the best of both parties, then you will be mostly likely to be granted with low interest rates.

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