People who own a credit card can either enjoy its benefit or be threatened by its possible problem. The former happens if you know how to manage your debts. The latter will happen if the card will be abused and balances bloat. To maximize the use of the card, cardholders are looking for low rate credit cards so that they can only pay low interests in case they fail to pay the debts on time. Most holders understand that it is the interest rate that causes high payments from balances of the cards.

Fortunately, there are many companies that offer low rate credit cards. In fact, when you search through the web, you will notice most offers are targeted towards low interests rather than the rewards you get when you use the card (although in most cases, rewards appear as part of marketing effort).

To minimize your time searching for the lowest rate, here is what you should do:
Immediately look for introductory deals and see if they offer zero interest. Introductory deals will help you get a fresh start managing your card. But while you are looking at the deal, never disregard the period of the offer. So if you segregate all zero offers, look now into the periods of the offer then compare. The longer the period of the offer the better.

From the low interest offered and periods of its promotion, look now into the actual interest rate after the promo. Companies differ in their interest rate so choose the one that has the lowest.

Do not disregard other fees, charges and fines. Although you have already settled which among the companies offer the lowest interest, you should also consider the annual fees required, the surcharges and the fines that go with missing the payment for the debt.  Each item is valuable and can help you save if you know how to really compare these required payments.

So far, the fees and interests are the main reasons why ones debt becomes bloated and mismanaged in the long run. It is then important that you focus on these when searching for the credit card. Consider rewards, points and guarantees as secondary priority in your search.

Overall, you need to get deeper information about what is offered by various providers. This way, you will not miss out data that will affect your decision in the long run. Most importantly these financial data will help you evaluate if you can manage the card with your financial capacity and your ability to manage debts.

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