MasterCard has earned its powerful name worldwide. In fact, I could call it Master MasterCard for being a big leader. If you are a MasterCard credit card holder, at least by now you know your benefits. If you don’t I can provide you short details on some.

As a MasterCard credit card holder, you are entitled with Shopping Protection. This feature can provide you benefits such as extension of warranty period which can go as long as twelve months. The card also provides coverage for damaged or stolen items within 90 days from the date of purchase.

With the card, you can have a more efficient way of shopping and paying for services. MasterCard can help you search for hard-to-find items, buying and sending gifts and even handling business related arrangements.

MasterCard is also concerned about the growing threats of identity theft. Since this crime is growing and is increasing its means to victimize innocent consumers, MasterCard provides complete assistance in notifying credit bureaus and credit card replacement for victims. It even gives you an ID Theft Affidavit so you won’t be stricken by other credit card companies as fraudsters. Another good thing about this card is that unauthorized purchases will not be the responsibility of holders. Just a not to the last one: certain conditions apply.

MasterCard has also a Travel Assistance feature where card holders can have Priority Pass for over 600 Airport Lounges in over a hundred countries. There are sort of travel assistance benefits, such as Luxury Travel Benefits, Roadside Assistance and Travel Assistance Services. MasterCard Global Service allows you to get emergency assistance anytime. This service assists customers to obtain an Emergency Card Replacement, finding ATM stations and even tending to questions.

Finally, MasterCard holders are entitled to Travel Protection. This covers things like your baggage, in case the transit was delayed, car rental insurance (for physical damage and theft coverage), reimbursement when some personal property from the hotel customers have stayed in were stolen, insurance for lost or damaged luggage, insurance for travel accidents and insurance for forfeited, and unused payments and deposits if trip was interrupted.

These benefits, however, are not available to every MasterCard holder. Some of these benefits are for specific card holders only. If you want to know the specific benefits you will get with your card, call the credit card company (numbers may be found in the credit cards) and ask for the specifics.

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