Rebate credit cards are increasingly becoming popular these days.  As its name suggests, a rebate credit card is a type of reward card that promises to give you a refund from your purchases.  The percentage of rebate can range anywhere from 1%, 5% or more depending on your issuer.

Some credit cards offer rebates on special types of purchases.  For instance, you can get a rebate each time you use your card for grocery shopping or dining out.  Other reward cards may offer rebates from general types of purchases which means it does not matter where the purchase was made as long as it is charged to your card.  There are also rebate cards that only give rebates on gasoline purchases.

A gas rebate credit card is ideal for people who spend a lot of money on gasoline expenses.  If you drive your own car, then why not consider getting a gas rebate credit card?  Thus, whenever you make a gas purchase, you can enjoy a percentage of refund from your charges.  Add those rebates up in a month and you will see that you have made a significant amount of savings.

Rebates can be redeemed in different ways.  Some cards offer to give rebates in the form of cash, gift check or as credit to your account.  This means, you can use the rebates earned to pay off unpaid balances.  Other cards may allow you to exchange your rebates for merchandise or new gas purchases.

Aside from the rebates, you can also enjoy exclusive privileges from the affiliated gasoline station.  You could receive car tune-ups, cleaning and other car maintenance services at a discounted rate or even for free.  Of course, the perks and privileges you get would depend on the type of gas rebate card you have.

Truly, having a gas rebate card can earn you great savings.  Choose a card that is sponsored by the gasoline company that you prefer so you can get more points per dollar.  Before sending your application, read the Terms and Conditions, and know exactly how you can maximize your chances of enjoying rebates.

One last piece of advice in using your reward card, pay off your balances in full to avoid interest rate charges.  Like other credit cards with reward programs, gas rebate cards usually have high interest rates and penalty fees so you’ll want to do your best to avoid these charges.

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