Oh, the Open Road

By Leni Parrish on October 4, 2007

I absolutely love to travel.  I like to just throw a duffle bag of stuff into the backseat of the car, and take off- coffee in hand and no idea where I might end up.

At least- I enjoyed it more before gas was almost $3 a gallon.

If you like to travel around; or even if you are just sick and tired of the price of gas and how much it costs you to get to work and back each month, you’ll probably be interested in the Discover Open Road credit card.  Here’s why:

  • You’ll get 5% back on all gasoline purchases made with the card
  • You’ll get 5% back on all automobile maintenance purchases made with the card

That’s pretty much the only reason you need if you’re tired of gas prices, I would think. If you spent $200 on gas a month, at the end of the year you’re 5% cash back would be $120.

 Then consider what you spend on oil changes (every three months, if you’re good!) and all that other maintenance stuff…

The 5% cash back is worth it considering these are things you have no choice but to buy.  Also though, the Discover Open Road card gives you 1% back on the other stuff you buy; and has a really decent APR.

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