Remember that “Pimp My Ride!” show on MTV with Xzibit, if I didn’t mess up with his name? My son was watching it the other day, I saw it out of the corner of my eye. And what I think of all that is that you can pimp your ride not through replacing your old wheels with 20” cast-steel wheels, painting it in loud colors with fire on the sides, and stuffing it with 12 DVD screens inside. Getting a gasoline credit card will not make your car look “hot”, but it will really save you money.

Living in America and having no car means that whether you are an immigrant recently arrived to the U.S., or you have a private jet. Nearly every household in this country has at least one car. Almost every 16-year-old kid here can drive. No matter if you need to get something for dinner in the nearest grocery store that is 10 minutes’ walk from your house, or you want to visit some of your cousins who live in the neighboring state, – you go there by car. You’d better get a credit card that helps you to save on groceries, rather that walk to the store in order to save on gas.

Oil prices keep rising, and gasoline is a considerable item of expenses in your financial budget. A gasoline credit card will help you to save money on nourishment for your iron horse and get discounts on its maintenance.

Today you can find a great variety of credit cards designed specifically for car drivers on the credit card market. Personally I find gasoline plastics to be the most beneficial among all point rewards credit cards. While most airmiles cards, for instance, offer 1 or 2 rewards points for a dollar spent, with gasoline cards you have a chance to earn 5 points per dollar spent.

I use Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards MasterCard. It has really favorable terms and grants generous rewards. It allows me to earn 5 rewards points for every $1 spent at gas stations, supermarkets, and drugstores during the first year of use. It comes with no annual fee, no setup fee, 0% intro APR on balance transfers, and numerous options when it comes to redeeming points. Another feature that drew my attention and made me stop searching for a gas plastic I need, was the ongoing APR. It is 9.74%. I guess, you won’t argue that such a low interest rate is hard to find when you look for a rewards credit card.

Another good option for car drivers who want to save on gas is getting a gasoline credit card that offers cash rebates for gas purchases. Chase Bank BP Rewards Visa, for instance, gives you 10% in cash rebates during introductory period. After the intro period is over, the company rebates you 5%.

You can choose a gas credit card issued by a gasoline company, or one issued by bank. The advantage of bank-issued cards is that you can accrue rewards points pumping at any gas station, while a credit card issued by a gas company allows you to earn rebates at particular stations belonging to that company. However, gas company-issued cards offer higher rebates.

There is also one trick you can use to save more money on gas with gasoline plastics. You can get a pre-paid gas card or a gift gas card, offered by some gas company, for $48. Such a card enables you to make gasoline purchases of $50 worth. This equals to a 4% discount. If you have a gas credit card of the same company that offers you 10% rebate during promotional period and you use it to buy a pre-paid (or gift) gas card, you get double benefit. This way you can increase your gas rebates to 14%. That is the secret.

Choose the right gas credit card, pump your ride and save money! So, you’ve been officially pimped!

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3 Responses to “Pump Your Ride! Or The Benefits of Having a Gasoline Credit Card”

  1. Thomas_Cook said:

    Gasoline credit cards are great! You can get rewards and discounts on your gas purchases. I have TrueEarnings Business card from Costco and American Express – it allows me to earn 5% cash rebates on gasoline purchases at Costco Gasoline and domestic stand-alone gas stations.

  2. Albert said:

    I like that MTV show! I heard about some cards, like Subaru credit card, that allow to redeem points for spare parts for your car!

  3. DanJohnson said:

    And don’t forget about automotive credit cards like Mercedes-Benz Visa card or Volkswagen Platinum Visa. They let you earn points redeemable for the purchase of a new or used vehicle, auto parts, maintenance and merchandise.

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