I admit it; I’m quite the impulsive shopper. When I was a just a little kid, I would ever so often binge at the local comic shop or candy store, spending whatever little cash my parents gave me as allowance (my on-off paper route earned me just a little extra to buy more goodies). My teenage years were no different. Together with my friends, we would spend weekends and school holidays at the mall, pigging out on junk food or beating the hell out of each other at the arcades (no one could beat me at fighting games). Whenever the budget allows it, I would frequent 3-day sales and discount shops for stuff that pretty much comprised my being as an angst-ridden, pimple-faced slightly geeky high schooler. College was pretty much the same, if only it allowed for slight upgrades over my sartorial purchases. I would do odd jobs like the extra research paper or delivery boy/waiter at some of the local bars and foodies. Around this time, I discovered the Internet. Using a battered laptop I managed to mooch away from my roommate, I would spend hours surfing and chatting away on IRC. And then came EBay.

As I was soon to discover, EBay carries a lot of wonderful curios and whatnot, stuff that I couldn’t find anywhere on the street or at the malls. I was amazed at this plethora of for lack of a better word junk, things that people have little or no use for (or maybe stuff that they have way too many of). You would know of course, that buying stuff off the net pretty much requires a credit card, which I didn’t have. Initially I pleaded with my dad to let me use his card. My request was immediately rejected. “You will not use my card to buy more of this useless junk. I’ve had too much trouble with all the crap in your room!” Sigh. What was I, a college student with no credit score to my name to do? Fortunately, I stumbled across a lucky tip: prepaid credit cards.

A prepaid credit card account such as a prepaid visa master card is created by depositing some money into that account in the same manner that you would be required to make a deposit to open a checking or savings account with a bank or other finance company. Once the money has been deposited in your account, you will be issued a prepaid credit card that can be used pretty much anywhere one would use a regular credit card. Here’s the best part: you can charge anything as much as you want and you won’t ever be in debt.

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