Don’t you just hate it when you hear about a good deal after it’s too late to benefit from it?  Hopefully that won’t happen to you since you’re reading this right now!

Don’t miss out on getting $75 for doing nothing special the way that I did.  I still have steam coming out of my ears since I saw this information posted on some other blog out there after the fact. Why couldn’t it have been posted BEFORE I opened my Bank of America account? WHY?!

I actually just opened a new checking account with Bank of America online with a friend about a week ago for a business thing we’re going to be doing together… we live in different states so we liked the convenience of having bank branches in both locations and having online access. I knew nothing about this offer and I’m really mad that I didn’t know!  $75 is quite a bit of money just for opening a checking account and I missed it!

Here’s how you get $75 free…

  • Sign up for Bank of America’s MyAccess personal checking acount online, using offer code CH75OLB
  • Deposit $25 within 30 days (why not just do it when you open the account? it walks you through it step by step and then you won’t forget and won’t miss out on the free money!)
  • Get $75 within 50 days deposited into the account

That’s it!  Even if you already have a checking account, what’s the harm in getting another one just for the benefit of $75 extra bucks?!  There isn’t a minimum balance required, and there are no fees so it won’t cause any problems to set it up. You also are not required to set up a direct deposit- but you can if you want to.  You might even like your account and want to make it your primary bank account – who knows?

Bank of America also has a bunch of credit cards, (over 30 to be exact- and includes card offers for all ranges of credit scores, including bad credit or no credit) so if you have one of those along with the checking account, you could quickly transfer money from the checking account to pay the credit card bill!  They’re using the same type of online banking services that you get with your credit card accounts with their MyAccess Personal Checking accounts.  So you can log in and manage any of your  Bank of America accounts, whenever it’s convenient to you and not just during regular bank hours.

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One Response to “A free $75 just for opening a new checking account”

  1. Burger_King said:

    Thanx for an idea! I followed you and got my $75. Now I have only one question: can you hint where to take free $750?

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