Yesterday when checking my organizer for the next week’s plans I looked at the date, and guess what… I’ve suddenly realized that it’s just 3 weeks left before summer is here! I love summer. Everybody does. Summer is the season of vacations and trips. Summer… beach, a lot of sun, sand, light sea breeze… That’s the way I spend my vacations. While many people choose a more active way of spending holidays – travelling.

Some just travel across the country, some go to see Europe, others decide to explore some remote corners of the world. Every type of “vacation activity” has its advantages. But not every budget can afford travelling. Actually, you can spend your total annual income during a couple of weeks of your vacation.

And what can save the situation? Right, airlines miles rewards credit cards. These deals are really profitable for travelers. Well, of course, I do not mean that a frequent flyer card can save you enough money to go on a world tour, but it is a good way to save money and get quality service.

Here are a few airmiles credit cards that are among top plastics for travel aficionados.

British Airways Visa Signature Card

This card gives you 15,000 miles after your first purchase. Plus you get a wide choice of international and domestic flights. Besides, if you pay the full price for an airline ticket, when using the card for the first time you are granted a free companion ticket.
The interest rate it comes with couldn’t compete with low interest credit cards but this card’s perks are worth 16.49% APR to be paid for. And the card comes with a $75 annual fee, which is quite normal for an airmiles card.

Northwest Visa

You get 10,000 miles for signing up. With this card you can earn miles beyond $10,000 a month. The rewards program implies no mileage cap and no blackout dates on booking tickets. This plastic is very for vacationers who go to Europe or Asia. Northwest visa offers a lot of options for them. The card comes with 18% rate on purchases and $55 annual fee for its Platinum version, and $90 for a Signature one.

JetBlue Card from American Express

If you choose travelling within U.S. borders, this card is a smart choice for you. Once you earn 100 miles (which means spending $20,000 with this credit card) you get a roundtrip ticket on JetBlue. But you are given 50 miles for just opening the account. So, your round trip ticket will cost you $10,000 in purchases made. The annual fee JetBlue Card comes with is moderate – $40, the APR is $17.49.

Delta American Express SkyMiles

With this combination of Delta – one of the most famous airline companies with partners all over the world, and worldwide accepted AmEx – one of the leading credit card networks with numerous outlets all around the globe you can choose any destination to travel. 10,000 SkyMiles after the first purchase, double miles for Delta purchases. you can also redeem your SkyMiles at other 13 international carriers. However, there are such pitfalls as $85 annual fee starting with the second year of use, an earning limit of $60,000 for eligible purchases a year, and this card is considered to be not that beneficial in everyday life. But this card gives you service of the first-class standard and worldwide acceptance. The APR is 17.49%

And there is one more beneficial offer for travelers. Citi Platinum Select American Airlines AAdvantage World MasterCard. It combines the great opportunities of a banking empire that allows you to earn, probably, the biggest amount of miles, and the services of one of the largest airlines of North America.

So, choose the right card for travelling and spend a perfect getaway. Bon voyage!

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3 Responses to “A Summer Vacationer’s Guide through the Jungles of Airmiles Credit Cards”

  1. whaley said:

    I have Citi Platinum Select American Airlines AAdvantage World MasterCard and I definitely recommend it!

  2. Ann Smith said:

    Airmiles credit cards are good! My aunt had one. She was so funny accumulating rewards, trying to buy as much as she could. And she got 2 free Delta tickets then! I don’t remember what card she had.

  3. N_Dorothy said:

    I have hotel rewards credit card, it lets me transfer my hotel points into an equivalent match in frequent flier miles, so I can get free air line tickets as well

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