Usually, I’m the first to say that if you use credit cards, you decrease your chances of getting financing for big ticket items like a new car. That’s because the majority of people get in over their heads with credit cards and are unable to keep up with the payments.  (that doesn’t mean everybody who uses credit cards ends up paying late- it just means the payments drag on and on because it’s actually a small percentage of people who pay their credit card bills in full every month)

In some cases though, I think that it would actually be wise to use a credit card if you’re looking to get a new car a couple years down the road. There are several credit cards that offer rewards programs specific to people who are looking to buy or lease a new car- and definitely worth looking into if you’re in need of a credit card… and a new car.

Credit cards with automobile rewards programs vary in what they offer, so it makes sense that you’ll take the time to compare them based on your own needs. If you want a Subaru vehicle, you wouldn’t want to get a credit card designed to help you save for a Volkswagon.  On the other hand, if you’re not entirely sure what vehicle you’ll want, you should look for cards that let you save towards the lease or purchase of any brand vehicle. Additionally, some of the car-cards let you earn cash back in addition to the rewards for automobile purchases or leases, so weigh your options carefully. Do you want a card with cash back and lower automobile savings- or a card with no other benefits but high automobile-based rewards

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  1. mariahuston said:

    Add to that list new Toyota credit card! It has similar automobile rewards program as those credit cards.

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