Card Perks and Rewards There are hundreds of different travel cards on the market and each card has its own perks that are offered to those who drive, fly and shop. Depending on your need, you may find a certain card to be to your liking and you may have various cards for different purposes. We have outlined our favorite perks from various cards that offer often unknown benefits; those who take advantage of these perks can save money, time and hassle in many different instances. Whether you are traveling for business or picking up office supplies and equipment, there is a perk out there to help you get more out of your expenditure.

Perks for Shopping

When making purchases, it’s nice to know that you are protected in the event of a mishap or malfunction. Many credit cards offer extended manufacturer’s warranties for products that already have one. In many instances, the warranty is extended for one year beyond its original terms and is guaranteed by the credit card company. There is also another perk, retail price protection, that allows you to be refunded the difference on any product purchased if you find a lower rate within 60 days.

Perks for Driving

If you find yourself commuting from one city to the next a lot or in general need of rental car services, then there are perks that make life on the open road even better. Most credit cards offer automatic car rental insurance, so long as you make the reservation with the card and are clear on denying the car insurance offered by the rental agency. Some cards geared toward travel also offer gas rebates, cents off of gasoline and cash back for gas expenditures, giving you somewhat of a “travel budget” that you otherwise would not have.

Perks for Flying

There are plenty of perks in this area of the credit card industry and it all can be beneficial to your travel experience. Some credit cards allow you to use airline miles to upgrade your seat on a certain flight, giving you more comfort than you would generally have. There is also travel cancellation insurance, which will refund you for any cancellation fees accrued after canceling travel arrangements made with the card in question.

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