Outpacing Time with Instant Approval Cards

By ccflyers on February 10, 2008

With this century’s modern technologies and numerous devices that hasten our pace of living, time flies with the speed of light. High speed internet, high speed trains, high-speed everything… Sometimes it seems that your life can run by in a flash. But actually, all those high-tech devices are meant to make our life easier and save our time.
Credit cards also help a lot in money related matters. Besides a better-organized financial management, with credit cards you spend much less time on paying for merchandise and services. Instant approval cards can save you even more time. More of your precious time that you can spend with your close people, or going out, entertaining, doing sports, or anything else you really like.
Credit card application process takes time. Are long banking procedures really worth your time and efforts? I doubt it. Judging by my own experience, I have spent a great deal of time applying, and then waiting for an approval, and then again waiting for the plastic to come. I, actually, even made some calculations. And, you know, the result, really struck me. It turned out that I have spent approximately 2 months of life on all those application procedures over about 15 years of being a credit card holder.
Quite impressing, huh? So, I decided that it is high time to start saving at least a little bit of my own time.
All of you know about instant approval feature. But, most of you, probably, think that this option is another trick credit card companies use to attract more clients. However, that is a wrong belief.
Applying for an instant approval card actually saves your time. You just choose a card with features that match your needs and incomes and send the application. And then instead of waiting for a bank’s decision for several days – it is a common practice when it comes to all other credit card types – you get the response with an approval or disapproval by e-mail in a few moments.
But instant approval feature is not the only bonus that you get with this plastic. Though this card cannot be called a classic rewards credit card, it can and should be referred to as one of those. Getting a card with instant approval doesn’t mean losing other credit cards’ benefits. This type of cards can also be plastics with no annual fee, low rate cards, cash back credit cards, etc.
However, you should keep in mind that you will have to wait for the card itself for a couple of days. But instant approval card application process will save your time and nerves. Believe me, no agonizing suspense, no waiting for a “you got approved” magic word combination.
You choose, apply, get the answer, and you are free to do whatever you like.

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3 Responses to “Outpacing Time with Instant Approval Cards”

  1. Barbara2008 said:

    As for me, high speed associates with fast food and fast love. Though I like the idea of instant approval credit cards.

  2. Kristen08 said:

    I hope one day I will be able to get an instant delivery credit card.

  3. Marie said:

    Instant approval cards are great! You don’t need to spend time bothering whether or not you will be qualified for the credit card you want. It makes the process of application easier and faster!

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