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A Summer Vacationer’s Guide through the Jungles of Airmiles Credit Cards

Yesterday when checking my organizer for the next week’s plans I looked at the date, and guess what… I’ve suddenly realized that it’s just 3 weeks left before summer is here! I love summer. Everybody […]

Pump Your Ride! Or The Benefits of Having a Gasoline Credit Card

Remember that “Pimp My Ride!” show on MTV with Xzibit, if I didn’t mess up with his name? My son was watching it the other day, I saw it out of the corner of my […]

Paying Taxes with Credit Cards and Getting Rewarded

There are two inevitable things in America – death and taxes, you know. And some people at times would rather choose the first. A federal income tax in the US eats up quite a sufficient […]

Outpacing Time with Instant Approval Cards

By ccflyers on February 10, 2008 | Rewards Credit Cards | 3 Comments »

With this century’s modern technologies and numerous devices that hasten our pace of living, time flies with the speed of light. High speed internet, high speed trains, high-speed everything… Sometimes it seems that your life […]

Sports, the Olympics, and Credit Cards

By ccflyers on February 4, 2008 | Credit Card General, Rewards Credit Cards | 2 Comments »

Doing sports these days doesn’t just say that you want to be healthy and keep fit, this might also mean that you keep pace with popular trends. And sports are definitely one of them. As […]

Credit Card Offers Are Turning Green

By ccflyers on December 21, 2007 | Choosing Credit Cards, Rewards Credit Cards | 2 Comments »

In my previous post I touched upon the issue of green credit cards. They hit the charts of the best selling credit cards of 2007, and ranked second. I have looked up some information on […]

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