With so many credit card companies that offer rewards, it can be really hard to determine which one is just right for you. Even if choices have already been narrowed down to just one type of reward, it may be difficult to select among all the credit cards in that category.

Here is a list of the best rewards credit card for some popular reward categories.

Airline Credit Cards – The Capital One No Hassle Miles Rewards card is a good choice for frequent flyers. Cardholders get free air miles every time they use it. The number of free miles given is doubled for purchases spent above a certain amount. There is no limit to the total number of miles earned. More importantly, there is no expiry date so clients can use their miles whenever they choose.

Business Credit Cards – The AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card helps clients take care of their finances and it does the same for their employees as well. The company can also provide them with additional cards, which has a credit limit that the cardholder can set. There are points given for every purchase, but cardholders earn more points if they use the card in paying for office merchandise, professional services, and gas.

Gas Cards – Aside from the cash back bonus that is given by other gas cards, the Discover Open Road Card also gives a cash back bonus when it is used for buying automobile maintenance products. Not only that, cardholders also get cash back bonuses for other purchases, even when they are not automobile-related. They can get an even bigger reward when they shop online at the Discover website.

Point Reward Cards – The Citi Forward Card gives rewards not only for using the card but also for paying bills on time. If the credit limit is not exceeded and payment is given on time for three consecutive billing periods, they reduce the annual percentage rate (APR) by up to 2%. Also, they give 0% APR when the credit card is used to purchase items and to transfer cash during the first 6 months. And, of course, points are given every time the credit card is used. More points are given when it is used in bookstores, cinemas, dining establishments, and music stores. However, they still give points when it is used for other purposes. Citi Forward Card is also the best rewards credit card for college students because of the huge benefits that come with using the card.

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