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The Sagging Dollar Drops an Iron Curtain between the U.S. Students and Study-Abroad Programs?

By ccflyers on April 1, 2008 | Student Credit Cards, Student Loans | 1 Comment »

The U.S. dollar is losing its value to other currencies. Initially, it was caused by a large deficit in trade and spending over a few recent years, according to analysts. This situation causes financial experts’ […]

Helping Your Freshman Kid to Become Credit Wise

By ccflyers on February 19, 2008 | Student Credit Cards | 4 Comments »

When your kid graduates high school, when you see him or her in that graduation cap and gown, you realize that your baby-boy of girl grew so big. And you get that mixed feeling of […]

Student Credit Cards for the Holidays

By Leni Parrish on November 7, 2007 | Student Credit Cards | 2 Comments »

I know credit cards can be really bad, when they’re used wrong.  As students, though, you’ve got so many great opportunities for good student credit cards that offer outstanding rewards programs and reasonable interest rates, […]

Student Credit Cards for Smart Students

By Leni Parrish on October 12, 2007 | Student Credit Cards | 1 Comment »

I don’t mean that only students with high GPA’s can get credit cards… but you need to be “credit smart” if you’re going to be using credit cards as a college student. Trust me, I […]

Struggling With Student Loans

By Leni Parrish on October 7, 2007 | Student Credit Cards, Student Loans | Comments Off on Struggling With Student Loans

Student loan debt is a topic near and dear to me.  My 4 years of college education has resulted in a mortgage-like-payment every month, probably for the rest of my life.  I didn’t qualify for […]

My Choice for Cousin Sophia

By Leni Parrish on September 30, 2007 | Choosing Credit Cards, Student Credit Cards | Comments Off on My Choice for Cousin Sophia

Because I spend several hours a day pouring over credit card offers, promotions and reviews, my family and friends pretty much always check with me before they apply for a credit card.  So when my […]

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