When one reaches the age of eighteen, he is entitled to all the legal rights of the state. The right to suffrage and yes, even the right to own a credit card. The thing though is that getting approved of a credit card nowadays has become stricter. With many customers turning out ot be credit risk, issuers are getting more careful now.

Your eagerness and desire to have a credit card is nit as much the willingness of credit card companies to issue you one. Like they say try and try until you succeed. This is true with credit card application especially for first-timers and since it is the first time, tries to target only few companies first; those which have credit cards for people who never had one before like you.

For young people and individuals who have never established their credit rating, there are four ways on how and where they could possibly get their very first credit card. Check them out and see which card fits you the best.

A gas or a department store credit card

One of the easiest cards to apply for is the department store and gas credit card. Getting such card is not too complicated. While this is the seen foremost benefit, the drawback though is that the interest rates are too high so carrying your balance from the previous month to the next is expensive.

Student Credit Cards

There are some credit card issuers that provide cards to students especially those in college. Student credit cards are usually used to pay off some school expenses. Just be very careful not to abuse it and use it for its main purpose; to fund fro your college education. Just a tip: When you are offered several credit cards,   go for just one first. Anyway, you can have as many cards as you wish after college.

If you have an existing and outstanding bank account; may it be a checking or savings account you can approach the bank representative for credit cards they offer. When you have a good relationship with your bank, it is one of the perfect places where you can have your first credit card.

Having no credit history can make it very difficult for you to apply for a credit card but there is a special card meant for these people.  It is the secured credit card. The deposit could be high but when managed properly, this card will help you establish a good credit history for you.

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