Credit Card Travel Insurance Not only are credit cards necessary for some travel expenses – hotels and rental cars in particular – but credit cards also offer exceptional benefits to the user in the form of travel insurance. Travel insurance is insurance that pays for your trip in the case it is canceled due to events out of your control.

Here’s what you need to make a claim for travel insurance:

Proof of purchase – If you purchase travel services like a flight or cruise online, you should have an easy to find proof of purchase for your travel expenditures. You’ll need to make sure that you used a credit card for the purchase.

Proof of cancellation – Cruise companies, air lines, and even conventions will always make public any cancellation or disruption in your travels. If your cruise is cut short by weather, or you are not able to reach your destination due to difficulties, you can make a claim to the travel insurance company that administers the service for your credit card company.

Phone and fax or email – Contact your credit card company with all your information in hand. The claims process is usually very quick, and you’ll be covered for all your expenses in excess of the standard deductible on your credit card travel insurance policy. In general, deductibles range from $0 to $500, meaning that you might get the entirety of the purchase refunded back to you.

Travel insurance isn’t always such a great deal when you purchase it separately. However, because credit card companies offer it as an extension of a product you already use, and at no cost to you, there is no reason not to use the benefits of your credit card when you book your next vacation.

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