Credit Card Charges If you’ve recently opened your credit card statement only to find a charge that you did not authorize, the experience has probably been an unpleasant one. Luckily, there is a route for correcting the problem and making sure that you are not held liable for the charges. By following the following pieces of advice, you can get your credit back in order and make sure that the charges are discharged successfully.

Make Contact

At the first sight of an authorized charge, please make sure to contact the card issuer. By law, you are only liable for the first $50 of any one charge but in many cases, you will not be held liable at all if you report it as soon as possible. Also make sure to mention that your card may have been hijacked (if you still have possession of the card) or as lost or stolen if you have lost possession of it.

Merchant Issues

Sometimes, billing errors are caused by a merchant from which you’ve bought a product. If you have received a double billing or were charged more than expected, first try contacting the merchant. In many cases, merchants will fix the issue and refund the amount either to your card or will give you cash. If you find yourself receiving no help from the merchant, you may then proceed to notify the credit card company. It may be a good idea to notify them first and have them note your account, even if you’re dealing with the merchant as then the bank will know you reported the problem to them initially but are trying to work things out with the merchant.


If you are having difficulty resolving the issue either with the bank or the merchant, you will the need to address the bank in writing. Please be sure to include all appropriate information, including names of people with whom you have spoken, addresses, phone numbers, receipt numbers and any transactional information you may have.

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