More and more people nowadays rely on credit cards to make purchases and transactions in their daily lives. From gas station refills to buying food at the grocery, paying city services, rent and electrical bills to an impulsive purchase at a discount sale, ordering curios from ebay to purchasing reward points for mafia wars or Farmville cash on facebook, credit cards have proven to be an essential to surviving in a fast-paced world. People also crave the satisfaction that comes with the numerous perks of using a credit card. That one-up smirk on their faces when they breeze through a card-only queue at the supermart, passing by the long, loaded cash queue. That sense of security knowing potential muggers can’t getr anything out of you.

Free tickets to a wonderful concert, courtesy of your well-earned reward point. These are but a few of the benefits one gets with the use of a credit card. And it even gets better. In an effort to improve sales and credit clients, some card provider companies offer cash back credit cards which reward the card user with corresponding points or even cash with continued use of their card. (Yes, these companies throw serious cash at marketing gimmicks in order to get their cards in our pockets).You can expect to get bigger, better freebies (and/or cash) with each use of your cash back credit card. Where a card issuer operates such a cash back scheme, card holders typically receive between 0.5% and 2% of their net expenditure (that’s purchases minus refunds) as a yearly rebate, which is either paid to the card holder separately by cheque, or even directly credited to the credit card! The concept of cash back is similar to frequent-flier miles you earn on commercial airlines, gas rebates from your preferred gas station or reward points from the neighborhood grocer or commercial center.

The more you shop or use their services (or in this case use your cash back credit card), the more free cash in annual rebates. Be reminded, though, that some card providers claiming  “cash back” will instead give you reward points redeemable only at affiliate or participating  commercial establishments in lieu of cash. Still, that’s not half bad, particularly if you’re looking for huge discounts at pricier store like appliance centers or car dealerships. In conclusion, If you haven’t done so yet, by all means check out you credit card provider for the best cash back credit card options. You never just might know what you’re missing out on.

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