In one of the previous articles you could find out about the peculiarities of prepaid credit cards. In this article you will learn about the types of prepaid offers.

Prepaid Credit Cards for Students

Prepaid offers can become a god alternative to student credit cards. They give all advantages of owning a regular credit card, except for an option of nearly unlimited money spending. You will, probably, say that it is some kind of joke – the conception of credit cards is to give people more opportunities without actually having enough funds to buy something. And poor kids are deprived of this chance.
I will have to disagree with you. A young, inexperienced student with a credit line of a couple of thousand dollars is dangerous. First of all, for his or her embryonic credit history. So, a prepaid card with a fixed amount of money a student can spend is a smart choice.
There are a number of prepaid card deals offered by US major credit card companies, such as Visa, for instance. One of the Visa prepaid cards designed especially for students is a reloadable card with several options of reloading account available (a regular deposit, an automatic transfer of funds from parents’ credit card account, online transfer).

Prepaid Credit Cards for Gift-Givers

Some prepaid cards can be used as gift certificates. You can just get a prepaid card and present it to someone of your friends, family, work-mates. This is, actually, a great gift for anyone. The recipient gets a chance to choose a gift he or she really likes and needs. And you will not have to rack your brains over what you should get to please the gift-getter.
This type of prepaid credit cards is non-reloadable. So, the person whom you present such a card can use it up to the amount of money you load on it. He or she can make any purchases at stores, online, order items by mail, at retailers that will accept that particular credit card brand. Such offers really function as regular gift certificates, but unlike a certificate that can get lost once and forever, a lost prepaid credit card can be replaced. So, you can be 100% sure that the addressee will not be left without a gift.

Prepaid Credit Cards for Travelers

Going on a trip you can easily take a prepaid credit card designed for travelers instead of cash or traveler’s checks. Such an offer is nearly a perfect blend of best credit card’s options and features and of a traveler’s check’s security and convenience.
If you happen to lose your prepaid card when on a travel it will be replaces within the shortest possible time. You will not have any problems with acceptance of your prepaid credit card in any corner of the world. You will also easily obtain cash from ATMs in any country. Reloading your prepaid card will neither cause any troubles. You can do it online or by phone.
All regular bonuses and features that are applied to airline miles rewards credit cards, like 0 liability for unauthorized use, up to $ 1,000 compensation for lost luggage, purchases protection, and some other perks are to be found on your prepaid credit card for travelling.

So, these are some other benefits of prepaid credit cards. Just add them up to the virtues mentioned in the previous article about prepaid cards, and all your doubts about their merits will vanish into thin air.

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3 Responses to “Prepaid Credit Cards – Pt.2. Types of Prepaid Plastics”

  1. evvy said:

    I can’t uderstand the difference between secured and prepaid credit cards.

  2. Good_case said:

    Well, secured credit cards mean that you deposit a set amount of money on your saving account. It will be used to pay off the debt if you default. Prepaid credit cards mean that you can spend the amount of money you deposited. That’s the difference.

  3. James_S said:

    Some Canadian magazine called prepaid credit cards as “an expensive way to spend your own money”

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