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Pump Your Ride! Or The Benefits of Having a Gasoline Credit Card

Remember that “Pimp My Ride!” show on MTV with Xzibit, if I didn’t mess up with his name? My son was watching it the other day, I saw it out of the corner of my […]

How Much Will a Debt Warrior Cost You?

By ccflyers on April 22, 2008 | Balance Transfer, Low Interest, Money Saving Tips | 1 Comment »

In one of my previous articles titled Transforming Extra Calories into Extra Money on Your Credit Card I apparently paid no due attention to a traditional and perhaps the most effective method of clearing your […]

War of the Worlds: Creditors Vs. Borrowers

By ccflyers on April 18, 2008 | Credit Card General | 1 Comment »

Credit issuers and credit consumers are supposed to make win-win deals and live in peace and harmony. However, lenders and borrowers’ confrontation seem to never stop. And their coexistence can be called love-hate relationship. Both […]

The Lord of the Rates: Fixed, Variable, Teaser, Intro – Which is What?

By ccflyers on April 15, 2008 | Choosing Credit Cards, Low Interest | 2 Comments »

Do you know what an interest rate or an APR is? Of course, you do. But can you enumerate all types of APR? And tell what is the best rate for you? The lowest one, […]

Payday Loans Briefing

By ccflyers on April 11, 2008 | Payday Loans | 2 Comments »

The statement that a payday loan is your sheet anchor when you badly need cash is very questionable. Payday loans, undoubtedly, have their advantages. But there are some shortcomings to this type of loans. Personally […]

Business and Corporate Credit Cards: Apples and Oranges or Just Apples from Different Trees?

By ccflyers on April 8, 2008 | Business Credit Cards | 3 Comments »

You know about business credit cards, what they are designed for and who applies for them. But you have, probably, also heard about corporate credit cards. Many people suppose that business and corporate credit cards […]

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