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“April Fool!” or Staying Away from Credit Card Hoaxes

By ccflyers on March 26, 2008 | Credit Card General, Identity Theft | 2 Comments »

Just a few days left till the day when your laces suddenly get untied nearly every hour, your sweet ice tea gets salty, and your watch is an hour slow. The fool’s day is all […]

Prepaid Credit Cards – Pt.2. Types of Prepaid Plastics

By ccflyers on March 21, 2008 | Prepaid | 3 Comments »

In one of the previous articles you could find out about the peculiarities of prepaid credit cards. In this article you will learn about the types of prepaid offers. Prepaid Credit Cards for Students Prepaid […]

What Lies Beneath Your Credit Report?

By ccflyers on March 18, 2008 | Report and Score | 3 Comments »

And once again about your credit report. This issue is inexhaustible, as credit report is one of the key components of your financial standing. And good credit report makes you a welcome client for every […]

Paying Taxes with Credit Cards and Getting Rewarded

There are two inevitable things in America – death and taxes, you know. And some people at times would rather choose the first. A federal income tax in the US eats up quite a sufficient […]

Penalty Fees – Inevitable Evil?

Interest, fees, and penalties are creditors’ bread and butter. They are an integral part of benefits and conveniences that credit cards give you. They are like a small nasty fly that has stuck to your […]

A Prepaid Credit Card – a Black Sheep in Credit Cards Family?

By ccflyers on March 4, 2008 | Prepaid | 3 Comments »

Some people call prepaid credit cards, along with secured plastics, fake credit cards. These types of cards actually do not provide credit. They just allow you to use your money you have deposited. But is […]

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