St. Valentine’s Day… The most romantic holiday in a year. On this day love birds give each other candies, flowers, Valentine cards, and exchange vows of eternal love. This celebration is a perfect occasion to ask that sacramental “Will-you-marry-me” question. Just imagine, two hearts beating together decide to tie the knot on this wonderful day. Isn’t it a beautiful story to tell grandchildren later on?
After she says “Yes”, and “I do” then, you will want to go on a honeymoon. All those wedding preparations and the ceremony itself will cost you a pretty penny. Add honeymoon expenses to it and your impressive bank account will melt away faster than a piece of ice in your soda cup. So, how can you spend your dream honeymoon and save some money?
A travel rewards credit card can help you. Some people think that airline credit cards enable them to get rewards for only travel related purchases. In fact, besides bonuses for travel oriented spendings you earn miles for regular purchases. And if you see to applying for such a credit card beforehand, you might even earn a free flight tickets or hotel accommodations for your honeymoon. So, you will get a chance to enjoy each other’s company, shoot Cupid’s arrows at one another, and indulge yourself.
Choosing an airline miles rewards credit card, you are to take into account the following aspects:
No Strings Attached in Getting Your Miles. Read carefully credit card terms. The fewer conditions on redeeming your miles you will find – the easier and faster you will get your rewards.
Annual Fees Applied to the Card. As rewards cards are usually associated with higher interest rates, you should be selective when it comes to fees. Among airline plastics you can find no annual fee cards. In case an offer with no annual fee will not fit your demands, try to find a deal without a fee for the first year of use, and plan your honeymoon on this period.
The Closest Local Airport. Check whether the airline you chose fly from the closest major airport. Imagine that you will have to go all the way from Idaho to New York with baggage over your shoulder to board on a plain.
Airline vs. Bank Issued Credit Cards
You’d better look for a bank issued credit card. This type of cards is more flexible. With bank issued credit cards you have several airlines available. While applying for a credit card with some certain airline company you are restricted by the airline you have a deal with.
And some more tips for you to make the most of your airline credit card.
You can browse through MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards with airline miles rewards. They offer up to 15,000 bonus miles. To get them you just need to sign up.
Look for airline credit cards that enable you to earn bonus miles for transferring balances from other credit cards you have. You can get one bonus mile for every dollar you have transferred.
And another advice – pay for all wedding related expenses with the airline miles rewards credit card you have purchased. In this case you are almost guaranteed a nearly free honeymoon vacation.
So, even in the affairs of the heart reason is also of great importance.

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4 Responses to “A Perfect Honeymoon: Romance, Your Better Half, and a Travel Rewards Credit Card”

  1. N_Dorothy said:

    I know that some hotel credit cards let you transfer your hotel points into an equivalent match in frequent flier miles, so you can get free hotel stays and air tickets. I guess it’s more beneficial.

  2. evvy said:

    Air miles credit cards are great! I buy everything on my plastic just to get as many points as I can.

  3. Burger_King said:

    Hah, girl’s talks…. Use your air miles points for an unexpected trip, that’s the real romance!

  4. Good_case said:

    When my bro and his wife got a plastic like that, they were sooo funny, like, wanting to use it on everything so they could get more miles :)

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