You know about business credit cards, what they are designed for and who applies for them. But you have, probably, also heard about corporate credit cards. Many people suppose that business and corporate credit cards are the same things. Actually, some years ago I was no exception. I also believed that corporate credit cards is just another name for business plastics.

So what are these two notions? Different credit products or just differently-named credit cards created to meet the needs of business owners?
In fact, business and corporate credit cards are not just two different names for the same product. They can be defined as sub-types of the credit card deals designed for satisfying business people’s demands and help advancing businesses. To be more exact, we can single out small business credit cards and corporate credit cards. I bet the difference is becoming clearer to you. Let’s go into some details.

Small Business Credit Cards

Small business credit cards are created to cater for the needs of entrepreneurs engaged in small and medium sized business sectors. You can see and hear a lot of small business credit card ads on the Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and other media sources. Entrepreneurs can find a plastic for small business that will suit their specific type of business activity. Good credit score, as a rule, is the only qualifying criterion to get a small business plastic.

The basic features of credit cards for small businesses are quarterly (monthly) and yearly business account summaries available online as well – reports of all purchases made on the credit card account –, profitable finance rewards programs for travel and business-related expenses, 0% introductory interest rates, reasonable ongoing APR, and 24/7 online access to the account.

These card offers really offer great benefits. But if you decided to apply for this sub-type of business credit cards, remember that when it comes to paying off the credit, no one but you will be responsible for it. You can easily find an appropriate small business credit card on one of the web sites devoted to credit cards and apply for it online.

Corporate Credit Cards

As for corporate credit cards, they were developed specifically for large businesses, not for individual entrepreneurs. If your business is large enough to be called a corporation, and your credit score doest need any improvement, you can qualify for corporate credit card deal. This kind of credit cards offers special benefits for their owners.

Every corporation deal is discussed on an individual basis. A corporation informs a credit card issuer about the services they would like to see on their offer, and the lender develops an individual credit card offer for the company. However, applying for a corporate credit card requires a more sophisticated and complex application process due to security measures, that it is with small business offers.

They responsibility or paying off credit is placed upon the shoulders of managers or executives who run the company. Corporate credit card owners have an option of distributing additional cards to their employees. The workers are enabled to use such cards to cover company’s business-related expenses. All the expenses are reflected on the monthly and annual reports that a credit card company provides for the client to keep track of the employees’ expenses.

So, I hope, this explanation made the difference between corporate and small business credit cards clear for you. Now you can see that it’s all one big business tree, just its different twigs.

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3 Responses to “Business and Corporate Credit Cards: Apples and Oranges or Just Apples from Different Trees?”

  1. James_S said:

    Yep, it’s easy: when you are a business owner, you get a business credit card, when you are an employee, you get a corporate card from your company.

  2. Paul Gorman said:

    No I see why I can apply for a business credit card and can’t apply for a corporate credit card! Thx!

  3. Karen Sanders said:

    Have you noticed that there are no public or media advertisements for corporate credit cards? That’s because not any business is eligible for corporate plastics. A corporation must be able to pass more complicated requirements to qualify for it.

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