My Choice for Cousin Sophia

By Leni Parrish on September 30, 2007

Because I spend several hours a day pouring over credit card offers, promotions and reviews, my family and friends pretty much always check with me before they apply for a credit card.  So when my cousin Sophia emailed me from college this is what she wrote:

Hey Tyler- I’m finally settled into my dorm. It’s not quite the party-school we thought when I applied, but it’s been a good time anyways! Mom said I might want to get a credit card while I’m here, just in case something happens or whatever- and said I should ask you which one is best.  So let me know!  Luv, Soph 

 I spent some time checking over the latest student credit card offers, hoping to find some sort of fantastic deal for Sophia but seems most of the companies are doing the typical offers.  I chose Citi® mtvUâ„¢ Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students for her, based on the fact that I know she spends pretty much any money she gets on CD’s and movies.  She’ll get some cash back rewards on those kind of purchases, which is a good idea for college students who are likely to use their credit card on things they don’t necessarily need…

Here are the details of the card, in case you’ve got a college student like Sophia:

  • No Annual fee
  • Five ThankYou® Points for Every Dollar Spent at Restaurants, record stores, Book Stores, video rental places and Movie Theaters
  • One ThankYou Point For Every Dollar Spent on everything elseon
  • pay on time and earn 25 ThankYou Points

 And, the best part of this card, in my opinon, is that students earn 200-2000 ThankYou Points Twice a Year for Maintaining a Good GPA.  So it sort of gives them another reason to study. Maybe.

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