Did you know that you can earn cash from your credit card charges?  Yes, cash back reward credit cards offer a great opportunity for cardholders who love to spend big on shopping.  If you currently own cash back credit cards, here are effective strategies that can help you earn more cash from your purchases:

Double the points
Most cash back cards offer double points or extra points on special purchases.  For instance, a particular card may be sponsored by a boutique, supermarket, drugstore, gasoline station or a diner.  By using your card to purchase from an affiliate shop or establishment, you can double the points for every dollar spent on your card.  Look for more information on how you can earn bigger points without having to spend more.

Paying bills
Aside from using your cash back card in buying groceries or refuelling your car, use it to pay utilities like the phone bill, the electricity charges, the water bill, the Internet, the cable and other services that you normally pay every month.  This strategy is the best way to rack up those points in no time.

Course reimbursements to your card
If entitled for reimbursements from your company or organization, why not course those reimbursements to your credit card?  Use it to pay back your credit card on time, and not worry about interest charges.

Shopping for someone else
Do you have a friend or family member who needs to purchase an item?  Why not shop with them and charge the purchase to your credit card, then take the cash to pay off the charges.

Don’t pay the interest rate
This is an important step to save yourself some cash.  Instead of carrying over a balance in your account, pay it off in full immediately and skip the interest rate fees.  Since most credit cards with reward programs have higher APR, you are saving yourself a great deal of credit card cash.

Redeem your rewards on time
If you own a credit card with rewards, be alert about the limits.  Some cards have a blackout date which means that points collected can become forfeited if you fail to redeem your reward on time.  Is it possible for you to carry over unused points for the next period?  Some cards don’t allow this so you might as well choose cash back credit cards that offers greater flexibility on collecting and redeeming points.

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