Late payments and non-payments will both give you bad credit card history. This will definitely lower your chances of being approved for financial assistance from banks should you ever need one in the future. However, everybody deserves a second chance. If you were once marred with a bad credit card record, you can still erase this and improve your credit standing.

It seems like a daunting task at first, but start slowly and you will be able to do it. First of all, identify possible errors in your credit card reports. There is no such thing as a small error because once an agent does a credit investigation on you; they will leave no stone unturned with these errors. You know your lifestyle best and you can best identify what habits need to be changed or improved.

Regarding late payments, one day late or thirty days late is still late payment. It still means you failed to settle bills on the due date and that is the only thing that will matter to a loan company. What you can do is to avoid it in the future and always pay on time from here on. It will inevitably cover previous late payments and will erase your bad credit card history after some time.

False reports are also possible. These are mistakes written on your credit card report. However, if this is not proven to be false, it will still be counted as a bad credit card record for you. To correct this situation, ask help from a credit bureau to rectify the report. The agency could further investigate on the matter and find out the root of the problem. If you were proven correct in your claims, it is their duty to erase these errors from your report. Just be certain you are telling the truth. It will create more problems in the future if you are found to be dishonest.

The credit bureau can only do so much to help you. You have to provide them with complete information so they could study your case as best as they can and be able to defend you. Also provide proofs like original purchase receipts. It will usually take thirty days minimum before your bad credit card history can be corrected, that is, if proven you are right.

Once this is resolved, be careful in maintaining a good credit history already. Do not miss out on your payments. Carefully check the bills that arrive in your mail and see to it that there are no mistakes. Keep all receipts because you will never know when you will need it.

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