The quest for the best credit card has never been the same for everyone. As you know, people have different desires, overlapping priorities. And this is why you have to ask yourself some questions to determine your perfect match.

1. Do you plan to invest on something big?

If you are buying a net book, PDA, or anything that you consider an investment anytime soon, then credit cards that offer low or 0% introductory APR (annual percentage rate) is for you. This is helpful if you plan to go on staggered payment within 6 to 12 months.

2. Are your debts through the roof?

While you are still far from declaring bankruptcy, high debts should help you set your priorities straight. Instead of getting paying for rewards cards, you are better off with low interest rates cards. This will help you pay off credit card debts much quicker.

3. Have you been on a downward spiral?

If your credit score hits rock bottom, then you most probably need a secured card. This may be a bit challenging for you as you will have to deposit a certain amount before you get your money back. But surely, the terms will help you regain your reputation.

4. Do you live in a mobile world?

When you are a spontaneous traveler who wants to go places, travel rewards card are the best companions for you. The travel perks that come along with the miles that you are garnering from spending using this credit card can give you useful hotel upgrades and more.

5. Are you doing well in school?

If you are still studying and you have grades that are worth bragging, then a student credit card is right for you. There are several options for you in the market and the offers can be incredible. Some will reward you when you did well in school based on your GPA (general point average). There are also those that will recognize your ability to pay on time or to not go beyond your credit limit by giving you bonus points. Student credit cards definitely reward your responsible self.

As you see, there is not one best credit card that is out there in the market, but there is definitely one type that can match your lifestyle. Choosing the right one for you is a matter of knowing what you need and how much you are capable of shelling out every month.

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