Ned It Now, Not Later

By Leni Parrish on December 28, 2010

Yes, I sound a little bit frantic when I say that I need it now, not later. Okay here goes. I am the kind of person who is usually on the run and somehow have to rush things so as not to end up with piled up things in the office as well as home. Good thing I am so single. I wonder what would happen if I have a boyfriend or family, can’t imagine. Anyways… there was a time before when I was newbie at the company where I am now and that time I needed to buy purchase a new line of clothing that is reflective of the company. I did not have enough cash that time to buy those. So what I did was, went to the bank applied for a prepaid credit cards section of the bank.

The accommodating lady attended to me until I was done with the filling up of the forms of prepaid credit cards that I applied for. I am happy that my application was placed in the instant approval credit cards file. My application was immediately approved because of my good track record with both prepaid credit cards as well as for first timers they would have some confusions about things about prepaid credit cards and also things related to instant approval credit cards. First thing, what are prepaid credit cards? Prepaid credit cards accounts that can be opened by depositing money into that account, much in the same way you would make a deposit to open a checking or savings account. Once your application is approved and you have money in your accounts, you are then given prepaid credit cards that you can use anywhere. So, what’s the catch? It is required that you set up your account. The amount varies from one bank to another or from one credit card Company to another. If you are frustrated because a credit card is necessary to get by in today’s world, but can’t apply for one because of bad credit, you might consider prepaid credit cards.

What are instant approval credit cards? Good to excellent credit rating is usually required to get instant approval credit cards. The decision about your instant approval credit cards will vary from 60 seconds to a longer time depending on your credit rating in the past or previously. There are different instant approval credit cards you could choose from. There are those that earn you points which in turn you could use. Then there are those instant approval credit cards that would turn your purchases to free travel. There are also instant approval credit cards that you could use to have discounts from restaurants, hotels or bars and even department store affiliates.

So, what is the end of my story? I was able to buy the need line of clothes as well corporate shoes and make up along with a perfume. Happy that I thought about I had good credit rating in the past.

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