Credit Card personalisationFor years now, debit and credit card users have had the luxury of picking the design of their plastic cards. From their favorite schools to initials and even favorite brands like Coke or Pepsi, you can now pick just about any image or detail to slap on the face of a credit card.

Some companies, especially those which deal with younger credit card users, offer personalization or nothing – there is no choice of whether or not you want personalization, just how you will personalize your card.

So when and why should you personalize a card? Let’s look at a few reasons:

1.It’s free – The best reason is always the least expensive option! Personalization is free at many banks, so why not personalize your card?

2.It’ll stand out – Think about how many times you’ll need to find your credit or debit card in a purse or wallet, and how similar it will look to every other card. Having a card personalized can make it stand out from the other cards in your wallet, making it easier to find and use at a moments’ notice.

3.It’s charitable – Some card companies give you the chance to have your favorite charity or not-for-profit receive a portion of your credit card spending. When you sign up for a charitable credit card service, it’s not just about the logo, it’s also about helping out a good cause while you do something you would do anyway…shop!

There are plenty of good and bad reasons to personalize a credit card or debit card. Above all, always make sure the personalization is free – if one bank won’t do it for free, there are hundreds more that will.

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