Credit card companies are aggressive in getting on business with college students. These companies make it a bit easier for freshmen to get student credit cards especially when these individuals have a short history of credit already. The offers are so good and irresistible that students must also understand that it entails extra financial responsibility and that card usage can possibly hurt their chances of building good credit rating.

Student credit cards are essential, however, to the lives of those who are in college. This is the time when they leave their parents’ home for the first time and gaining financial freedom for themselves. Having their own account will make them responsible citizens yet they must also realize that they must limit credit card use. Experts recommend these instances for when to use student credit cards:

•    Pay for any fees and charges that are exclusive of the student or educational loans. These expenses may come in the form of book requirements and other ancillary items that can only be bought from the university.
•    Cards may also be used to pay for clothing and other living expenses Students must be wise thought o only buy practical stuff, and things that they actually need. Most college campuses are surrounded by local merchants which sells cheap but usable items.
•    Transportation expenses also tend to eat up too much of the budget especially when the student brings his own car to the university. Charge gas, oil and maintenance of the vehicle on the card. If the car needs repairs, it can also be put in the card to be paid later on. Public transportation expenses like purchase of tickets and credits may be charged as well.
•    A good alternative to carrying cash is to bring along plastic money when dining out and socializing on weekends, for part of college life is also going out with friends for emotional growth.
•    Of course, there are medical needs that arise on emergencies. Parents are more secured to know that their kids are financially equipped while they are away from home especially when the student still has no medical insurance coverage.

These charges are best put on student credit cards for tracking purposes so parents can work hand in hand with their kids in monitoring the expenses thereby teaching them to properly handle their finances. These cards are also more secured when carried around than having cash in the bag or pockets. Card can easily be disabled once stolen while cash is forever gone once lost.

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