The Best and Worst Places for Credit ScoresTransUnion does an annual look through their credit score data to reveal the best and worst places for credit scores. In a recent pull, it found that the American West had the best credit scores, while the Ameircan South had the worst.

The leaders in the running for the highest credit scores were both in California. San Jose and Santa Clara won with an average credit score of 700, closely followed by nearby San Francisco, which came in with an average credit score of 696. Madison, Wisconsin followed with a very satisfactory average score of 694.

The worst credit scores were undeniably found in the southern United States. Memphis, Tennessee came in as the worst place for credit scores, with an average score of 638. Mission, Texas followed with an average score not much higher at 639 while Jackson, Mississippi rounded out the list with a low credit score of 642.

Credit scores as an average do not say much, but they may point to areas with the best or worst financial literacy. Having a high credit score is the result of having high credit lines and low deb levels as well as good payment history. Having a low credit score is usually the result of high debts and poor repayment history made up of late payments and delinquencies.

Luckily, even the cities with the worst scores could still be approved for most credit cards, car loans, and even a home mortgage through the FHA. So, for all the bad to come of having a low credit score, America’s credit scores are right on track to access most of the consumer lending available.

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