Many people will assume that their credit score if fine based on their own actions with personal finance. However, it is credit-reportnever good to assume that your credit score is where you think it is or even that the information contained on your credit report is accurate. While the creditors and credit reporting agencies have a responsibility to you to to maintain the correct information, there is not way to guarantee that what your credit report is correct unless you check it frequently on your own.

Everyone is entitled to a free credit report once a year and at any time after being denied for credit. Take advantage of these opportunities to request your report and see where you stand. It is not enough to just order the report either. You need to take the time to go over each entry on your report line by line to ensure all the information being reported is correct. It is very possible the a human error will have an impact on your credit score. Only by checking your report frequently will you be aware of these errors.

Additionally, checking your credit reports regularly will also alert you to any fraudulent activities being done in your name. Identity theft is very common today and it doesn’t take a thief long to uncover enough information about you to steal your identity and thereby ruin your credit history. It is very frustrating and a tedious process to recover from personal identity theft that has negatively affected your credit.

When you check your report and notice any discrepancies in your information, contact in writing each of the credit reporting bureaus to contest the information. The credit reporting agencies are required to conduct a thorough investigation within a reasonable period of time. If they do not get proof of the accuracy of the information from the creditor, the information must be removed from your report. If you don’t speak up, the negative effects on your credit will affect your financial well-being.

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