Not only is one’s income the main deciding factor for credit card companies to approve a credit card application. One’s credit rating is what determines whether a person gets approved of a card or not. With a credit report, credit card issuers will see all the loans you’ve had in the past and all the credit cards you own and whether you were able to manage repaying them. When payments were made on time, then that’s good for your score.

A good credit gives you an assurance of another or a new credit card. But what if you’ve had a bad rating or never had a credit before is this indication that you should stop desiring for a credit card?

While you can’t have a regular credit card, you may apply for a prepaid credit card. This card can also be used for the same purposes as the standard cards like purchasing online or reserving hotel rooms for a trip.

When you’re done applying for a credit prepaid credit card, you now need to make a deposit as a fund to your account. Once deposit is made, then you may now start using your card.

With the standard credit cards, you have to set aside a part of your monthly paycheck to pay for your monthly credit bills but with prepaid credit cards no monthly bills and interest charges to worry about. The only time when fees are collected is when you apply for the card and when an additional deposit is made. The fee collected when deposit is made is payment for using their services. In any kind of credit card that you use, always bear in mind that the secret to managing your card the worriless way is knowing just when to spend; learn to say no to things which are not worthwhile.

Or maybe you should learn how to spend within your range of paying and earning capacity. Spending more than you earn will surely cause you stress and burden. So long as you have the resources, you can spend as much as you want and as much as you can.  But if you only depend on your monthly paycheck then it is time to change your spending habit. It is better not to have something that you really wanted o buy for now than having to worry on how you can repay it soon.

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