Why Credit Cards Are Good

By Leni Parrish on October 1, 2010

Many people are afraid to have credit cards. The idea of having a credit card in your wallet can tempt you to buy anything that you like. And at the end, you will realize that you have just brought yourself a debt, a debt you didn’t really intend to have. You may stay away from them, that’s okay. But for other people, credit cards are an addition to their needs and could steer them from harmful aspects, such as crimes.

There are reasons why a carrying credit card is beneficial. One, it promotes financial safety. How many people still mount a secret safety deposit box on their walls to have a place where to keep their money? How many dudes still put their money in their socks? And are there still the same number of women today compared to the number of women a couple of decades ago that carry their money in their brassiere? I guess most of them have availed of the plastics. In case they realized their credit cards are gone, they can call up the credit card company and have a high probability of stopping theft under their name. That’s a point for holding a card.

Credit cards are also tools that can help you track your expenses. For instance, you have been busy all week when you realize the due date is today. You don’t have time to get to the utility company and hand over your bill. Credit cards can help you with that. Of course you don’t want to blemish your credit history that’s why you want to pay off your bills quickly. Your prepaid credit cards can also come in handy; just make sure you have loaded enough money in it though.

Another most wanted benefits of credit cards are the rewards. Some credit cards give promotional offers to consumers that work when they accumulate credit and earn points. The earned points can be used to get a plane ticket, or get their cash back every time they reach a specified amount of credit. Another benefit is but secondary. Many businesses, especially online, need credit card numbers for verification process. If you are buying something online, they ask for a credit card number.

Credit cards are also used by students who are far away from their supporting parents. Parents would still be willing to finance their children’s college expenses and trust credit cards to extend their financial support to their kids. However, parents must make sure they have taught their kids the proper way of credit management, otherwise, they will be suffering too much burdens later.

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