Credit Card Offers Are Turning Green

By ccflyers on December 21, 2007

In my previous post I touched upon the issue of green credit cards. They hit the charts of the best selling credit cards of 2007, and ranked second. I have looked up some information on this type of cards to figure out whether they are really so popular among credit consumers. So, this post is devoted to the phenomenon of green credit cards.
The latest survey conducted showed that almost a half (49% to be more exact) of adult Americans are up to making a green credit card deal next year. Credit card companies’ excitement got beyond bounds. Of course, they had nothing but good intentions, developing new reward credit cards with “green” incentives. They encourage card holders to apply online for such credit cards out of pure altruistic impulse.
Did I get too sarcastic? Well, obviously, credit card issuers are permanently in pursuit of profits. However, it is quite praiseworthy that these money hunters take steps in order to solve our environmental problems.
A surprising fact revealed by this study was that younger credit card holders are more concerned about the future of our planet than older ones. On the one hand, the reason for that can be that it is the younger generation is here to stay for a bit longer. That is why they are so enthusiastic about improving out environmental situation.
On the other hand, young people are known to be more careless when it comes to some global problems. They love to hang out, enjoy their life, and they are convinced that everything’s gonna be ok somehow. Another myth busted… Personally I was pleasantly surprised to find this out. We still have grounds for hope.
All green cards developments are aimed at funding environmental projects. Among them there are such programs as buying greenhouse gas emissions offsets, supporting renewable energy projects, retiring CO2, generating electricity through wind power, and others.
One of the most attention-claiming inventions, to my mind, is a biodegradable plastic card introduced by IL-based Versatile Card Technology, the “Green Earth Card”. It is made of corn starch. The print on them is made of waterless-ink printing press. That is really a 100% ecologically safe card.
So, getting such a card is a matter of opinion. If you really do not want to stay out of ecological problems, you can apply for one of the green cards. In case you stick to an opinion that you won’t witness any serious ecological cataclysms, it will be long after you go, well, it is up to you. Actually, it doesn’t matter that much whether you are a true Greenpeace supporter, or you do not really care. If you make your contribution to making our planet environment healthier, you do the right thing.
Personally I am going to apply for a green card myself. It might be one of the Visa credit cards – the “Brighter Planet”

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2 Responses to “Credit Card Offers Are Turning Green”

  1. Cleveland said:

    I think that I will get such a card in future. The problems of ecology worry me a lot. It’s good that our banks have started to think not only about money.

  2. evvy said:

    Good news. I am ready to get such a card, because I know how important environmental problems are.

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