Credit Cards Bestsellers of 2007

By ccflyers on December 18, 2007

Now that the year is about to make its way for the next one, 2008, people analyze the events, misfortunes and achievements of the current year. A week left till America`s most loved holiday. I`ve been thinking on posting an article on Christmas expenses, shopping holiday season, or how not to lose control over your credit cards during holiday period. But the Internet is overloaded with information on such issues. So, I`ve decided to review this year`s new credit products and make up a chart of top credit card offers.
I have looked through several surveys` results, browsed through the World Wide Web. And basing on all those facts and figures, I`ve made up my hit list of credit cards bestsellers. So, if you take interest to find out what were the best offers of 2007, or you hope to hit upon your card deal among them, you are welcome to my final countdown of credit cards.
7. Citi CashReturns Card. In general, it`s a regular cash rebates credit card. But it has been designed for heavy credit card spenders. It offers 1% cash rebates on all credit card purchases with no caps on earnings and no tired rebates. Not that much, actually. But it will perfect for you in case you are up to spend a lot of money on different purchases. This card will give you 5% cash rebate on credit card purchases for the first 3 months.
6. World of Warcraft Visa. There is no need to speak of the popularity credit cards for gamers are gaining today once again. And World of Warcraft sounds familiar even to those, who are not really into computer games. This credit card from Visa offers rewards points that can be redeemed for free online playtime. Warcraft fans can get a month of free game time for 1,500 points.
5. Bank Americard. This card from Bank of America gives card holders n opportunity to earn extra half rewards point per every dollar they spend on any other Bank of America credit card.
4. Gap Visa also turned out to be among most popular credit cards of the year. This offer, as it is perfectly clear from its name, has been designed especially for Gap fans. With the card you get 5% rebate on purchases at Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy stores, and 1% rebates on all other everyday purchases. Fashion victims just fell in love with this card.
3. Chase Freedom Card. Chase Bank decided not to discover America, they just re-invented the wheel. They refreshed the rewards program. Now it enables credit card owners to get higher rebates for the top 3 purchases of a month. As a rule, such purchases turn out to be dining out, gas, and groceries.
2. “Green” credit cards became a real breakthrough of the year. The Bank of America Brighter Planet Visa, the GreenPay MasterCard, and the GE Money Earth Rewards Card are gaining popularity among people, who are concerned about the future of our planet. The rewards points you earn with this card help fund tree planting, renewable energy projects that reduce your carbon footprint, and other environmental projects.
1. Capital One`s Card Lab. This is number one credit card deal of the year 2007. This card gives you a great chance to become an architect of your own fortune. With this offer you literally can chose your interest rates, introductory rates, and even rewards on your new purchases, as well as balance transfers. You will not find a deal of the kind among other credit card issuers` offers, but Capital One Bank.
So, these are the 7 top credit cards of 2007. If you ask why 7, I will explain. The first reason for that is the year itself – 2007. And the second one is that 7 is a magic number. And on the threshold of Xmas you just want to believe in magic. Merry Christmas and a happy and financially successful New Year!

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2 Responses to “Credit Cards Bestsellers of 2007”

  1. Ann Smith said:

    I am surprised that my card Blue from American Express is not in the list – as I know it’s quite popular. I will take into consideration all the mentioned cards and compare the terms.

  2. Marie said:

    I saw a credit card that my son adores – World of Warcraft Visa. He is a gamer and it’s his fave game. Last month he scored about 200 points using it. Though I don’t approve his hobby I have to admit that it suits him perfectly.

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