If you carry a credit card (or two) in your wallet, then you probably think you already know everything you can do with it. Chances are you use it to pay for meals out at restaurants, to buy things online, and in case you need to use it to cover an emergency situation.

But did you know there is much more you can be using your credit card for? Here are five things you could be using your credit card for, but probably aren’t:

1. Getting the best price on your purchases. Credit cards that have price guarantee programs actually let you monitor the price of your purchases and get your money refunded if they go on sale for a significant amount. For example, Citi Price Rewind will give you the price difference back on a purchase that is selling for more than a $25 price difference. All you need to do is register your purchase with the Price Rewind site, and they will monitor the price for you and let you know if it drops. If it’s eligible for a refund, you’ll get the money back as a statement credit.
2. Doing your gift shopping. You might be redeeming your reward points for things like subscriptions to magazines you’re too busy to read, or you might not be redeeming them at all. Get with the program and use your points to get gift cards to favorite retailers like Barnes and Noble and Sephora, and you won’t be left empty-handed for birthdays or holidays that require a gift.


3. Protecting your purchases. Many credit cards offer purchase protection, so if you buy an item with your card and it is lost, stolen, broken, or found to be defective, you have some recourse. You may be able to get your money back or exchange the item, depending on your card’s purchase protection program terms and conditions. Call customer service or log into your account on line to find out the details.
4. Budgeting. There are so many useful budgeting tools available online, and depending on your credit card issuer, you might find that you can track your spending, make a debt pay down plan, or create a budget in the account center of your credit card’s website. Log on and make use of the tools you’re offered!

Using these simple tricks will help you get the most out of your credit card. And remember that the more different credit cards you have, the more access you have to different perks and tools.

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