Credit rating is usually the most important consideration when it comes to credit card applications. Because of this, people with bad ratings may find it hard to qualify. What’s worse, if they apply for a card and their applications are declined, this hurts their ratings even more.

The best thing to do in this situation is to apply for bad credit cards. This way, their credit ratings will be protected. This can help them stay afloat until they improve their credit rating just enough to apply for other cards with better benefits.

Here are some of the best bad credit cards in the market today.

AccountNow prepaid Visa Card

Credit rating is certainly not an issue with this card. It is available for anyone who wishes to apply for it. Approval is guaranteed. Though it does have a balance limit, it is still reloadable. Plus, there is no activation fee if money is loaded into an account via direct deposit. Through this, clients can pay their bills, make direct deposits, and generally build their credit. It requires no minimum balance and there are no overdraft fees involved.

Applied Bank Secured Visa Gold Credit Card

This is a credit card that does not penalize its clients for late payments. APR remains a constant 9.99%, even when the cardholder pays a bill past the due date. It offers a credit limit up to $5000, but it is still up to the client to define what limit is most convenient.

Centennial Mastercard Visa

Many people choose the Centennial – this is widely observed through the fact that there are roughly 3 million Centennial Mastercard Visa cardholders. This bank is always willing to cater to its clients’ needs. Moreover, clients who wish to monitor their accounts can do so any hour of the day.

First Premier Bank Gold Master Card

This credit card charges a low APR. A cardholder can easily access his or her account through the telephone and this service is available whenever the client needs it. This bank also offers the First Premium Aventium Master Card and the First Premier Bank Black Platinum Master Card – both of which are also available to people with bad credit ratings.

Public Savings Secured Visa Credit Card

During the first six months after the credit card has been approved and activated, the bank charges 0% APR for all transactions. Cardholders do not have to pay annual fees as well.

Silvercard Prepaid Master Card

This is most suitable for people who receive government or benefit checks. Transactions involving direct deposits of paychecks or government checks do not come with fees. There are also no overdraft fees or minimum balance requirement.

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