Sure, you are excited to go back to school to see old friends and professors. There is also the thrill of making new friends. However, what could be more exciting than going to school than with a student credit card in your pocket? Possession of a card can be quite a status symbol. It may mean that you have a purchasing power of an A-one consumer since you can practically buy anything with just one swipe of a card. Every student would love to be in this kind of situation to a point that sometimes they tend to forget the basic reason for having a credit card.

A student credit card is like any other credit card in the industry except that they are granted and approved for students. It is basically used for school related expenses such as books, miscellaneous and tuition fees. These cards are easier to own than typical credit cards because this comes with the belief that education is a right and that it must be accessible to everyone who wants to go to school and consequently, become students. The introduction of this kind of credit cards stemmed from the fact that most students and young people have jobs. This gives them privilege of an “acquire now, pay later” scheme. In short, students are capable of paying off their debts. A student can be thankful for the gift of this type of credit cards, however, when it is improperly used; it can turn into a nightmare for students.

Overspending is a big issue on this topic. Since the cards come in handy, students tend to buy items which are considered luxurious and unnecessary. Overspending can happen if students rely on their impulse. Most young people mistake “wants” for “needs.” We all know that “wants” can wait while “needs” have to be addressed right away. Take for instance, a pair of earrings. A girl student thinks that she needs the earrings to be beautiful and so proceeds with the purchase. She was unable to realize that she can have no earrings, but can still be a student. From the example, we can see how a “want” was twisted to become a “need.” As a result, students overspend and end up in debt.

Student credit cards must be used wisely by students to maximize the benefits the card is offering. They are a good instrument in attaining their aspirations. Soon they will find themselves at the forefront, running the affairs of this country.

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