Having one credit card is okay. People are afraid to have multiple credit cards because they might get confused and might end up with a stack of unpaid bills. Other say that having a lot of credit cards is tantamount to telling oneself to buy a lot of things due to the wide credit limit. Some others are concerned about their credit scores and that having too much credit cards could hurt their scores.

Unless you are one of those people who keep a single credit card for identification purposes only, you shouldn’t fear the need of holding multiple numbers of cards. Which brings us to the question: how many credit cards should I carry?

Experts say that there is no definite ideal number of credit cards per consumer. You can hold a single card, if you want. But since we are talking about multiplicity here, you can just hold two. Some people carry around eight credit cards and some ten. We don’t want to know the details behind the numerous credit cards, but the point is, it depends on the customer on how many credit cards he can handle. That person carrying ten credit cards may have a reason for carrying the lot. The ten cards may include extension cards for his kids, for instance. Whatever reason he has, he knows the consequence and he knows that he can deal, hopefully, with the credit cards.

But there’s a benefit for holding multiple cards than just having one. For instance, if you have one credit card and it got stolen, you are in danger for identity theft. You report it to the credit card company and they say they are going to investigate it. Meanwhile, you want to get credit, but you find yourself denied of a new account. Even if you tell them that you are holding one credit card under investigation, don’t expect them to believe you instantly. But since you don’t have other credit cards to back your new application, you can’t get another card yet.

Now, if you are a wise borrower and a very organized person, you can keep multiple of cash-back credit cards. Rewards are good deals in return for borrowing credit, and if you take the opportunity to take them, even by the means of obtaining multiple cards, you can get a great portion of your spending back! Using the cards will increase the reward points, therefore speeding up your chance of claiming the rewards instantly.

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