When I was a college student my parents were still able to support me financially and everything was going well with my credit card record. But right after graduating some things went wrong and that included my credit card record. I almost got in trouble with the credit card company and that could have made things worse. What I did was I asked around from teachers as well as fellow students. I learned that most of them almost got in trouble with some credit card companies and that was comforting that it was not only me. Anyways here are some lessons I have learned about that.

During their break times or whenever they were free from either studying or working they made it a point to go to a credit card company and asked options on what they could do to have either instant credit card when they badly need to buy something for work or for school. They also asked about low interest credit cards.

As for the instant credit cards what they said was, it helps consumers across the nation instantly access new low rate credit lines to reduce their monthly payments and save money through reducing the interest rate on their credit cards. There are different instant credit cards to be chosen from. Each of those instant credit cards has different benefits for the client. Most of these direct lenders offer zero percent interest rates for up to 12 – 15 months, instant online credit card approvals, no annual fees and credit card rewards in effort to win your business. These are just some of the benefits of having instant credit cards.

With the low interest credit cards are that there are some drawbacks and one of them is it typically requires a high credit score. An applicant might ask why apply for low interest credit cards when you can also get the same benefits with regular credit cards. When one applies for low interest credit cards, because as they say, the lower your interest rate, the more money you will be able to save in interest charges. One can also save through balance transfer.

Now that I need a car to go to work, I am contemplating on these 2 features of credit cards. I may end opting for instant credit cards because the last thing I need right now is having to deal with having a high credit score which basically I do not have yet. I will apply for low interest credit cards probably within the year of working in this prestigious company.

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