I was pretty excited to see this offer from Chase, considering I’m looking for a new credit card.  The Chase Freedom (TM) Cash Visa Signature Card is giving away $50 when you use the card to make a purchase or transfer another balance to it. 

 So here is what I’m thinking I’ll do with this Chase promotion:

  • Apply for the credit card
  • Get the card and go to my nearest gas station and buy a pack of gum
  • Get my $50 rebate/bonus
  • Put my free money into my Ing direct account and let it earn 4.30% interest

So I’m already ahead of the game when I do this, but then I’ve also accomplished the need to have a credit card in my wallet for emergencies or just to help boost my credit score again.  Did you know if you close all of your credit card accounts your score goes DOWN?!  Yeah, I didn’t know that- learned it the hard way.  In general, the Chase credit card is a decent one because it will also provide 3% cash back rewards on purchases I have to make anyway, like gasoline or groceries- so I figure I can benefit from their $50 promotional offer from day one; and then take advantage of the rewards program on an ongoing basis.

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