American Express offers credit cards that are suitable for almost all businesses and lifestyles. They have personal cards, travel cards, and cards that cater to corporations, merchants, and small businesses. They have a feature on their website that helps clients pick out the right card with much consideration on their needs and preferred rewards, so it is easy to determine the best card among all these.

American Express rewards are given to cardholders via a program that is easy, practical, and flexible. They are given points every time they use their card, regardless of the amount spent or the kind of purchase. There is a wide range of options when it comes to reward category and reward level. Examples of these options are access to invitation-only events, preferred seating at certain events, airport club access, baggage loss and damage protection, companion airline tickets, elite travel, roadside assistance, travel consultants, round-the-clock travel assistance, personal concierge, dining rewards, reservations at top restaurants, and express pay.

Cardholders can accumulate lots of points in no time. They are given a point for every dollar they spend. If they want to earn more, there are certain special offers that give twice or even thrice the usual number of points. An example of this is the promo that offers Membership Rewards points. Clients who avail themselves of the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card can immediately earn double points when they use their card to buy gas or grocery items. This promo is good for an entire year.

American Express works in partnership with many other companies to create better credit card options for their clients. Customers who favor these companies will certainly find these credit cards convenient and highly advantageous. Some partner companies are Costco, Delta Airlines, Hilton Hotels, and Starwood Hotels. Cardholders earn additional points when they use their card at these places. They can also convert their points into available products and services.

It is easy for cardholders to keep track of the points they have earned. This information is shown at the customer’s American Express homepage. The American Express website also lists down the possible rewards that they can get when they redeem their points. All they have to do is select from the extensive list, and they can earn their rewards with just a click of a button.

Getting an American Express credit card is certainly a great way to ensure that you are getting more for your hard-earned money.

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