Americans get caught up easily with reward cards or cash back credit cards offers because of the tempting rewards these cards promise. The big signboard and offer brochure that came along with your mail said tempting offers that you can’t easily refuse that’s why you suddenly called the company and informed them of your desire to have one of their cards.

Before picking up that phone or getting your car keys, better learn more about the credit card. There may be more things to know than the details they placed on the brochures or the promo webpage.

The reward cards can provide a good deal such as airline mile cards, cash back cards and other inviting offers. You can go to Paris or get a free tank of gas, get back cash you spent, and others. Learn the rewards you can receive and the conditions that apply with it. If you want to call the credit card company now, better ask them the particular conditions before telling them to get an application ready.

After learning the rewards, ask how long you are able to earn it. Knowing the period will help you plan your spending moments. Sometimes the rebates can be based on your monthly spending, so if you plan to get the rewards, plan on something you can spend on monthly. This does not mean that you can spend clothes every month or spend it on unnecessary things monthly.

Rewards for free travel tickets may be obtained through earning air miles based on every dollar you spend on airfares. If you want to get a free trip to Europe, there is a great 40,000 air miles to earn. Don’t get excited about earning the air miles too much. You may end up spending more than a round ticket to Europe.

Third, you have to obtain information about the minimum spending limit. Sometimes rebates are based on your total spending. You have to watch out for this. For instance, you take a 5% cash-back credit card, you might be required to spend high charges per month. If you think you can’t afford the monthly bills, try another credit card.

Fourth, get to know whether the rewards expire. This is helpful if you want to catch a reward before it expires. If the air miles expire in three months and you want to go somewhere far, back out of this credit card plan and choose another.

Finally, assess yourself. The rewards you targeted may be motivating enough. But if you are not sure whether you can satisfy the conditions that go along with it, have more time to decide. If you have too much bills to pay today, better delay the card application. Now if you are ready and you can comply with everything provided, apply now.

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