Give the credit card a personality and it will win the customer’s true devotion. That is what all major card-issuing companies promote to achieve a better consumer satisfaction level and streamline their business. A do-it-yourself personalized design option offered by the banks is a smart marketing move to attract customers and win their long-lasting loyalty. The idea to turn to personalized plastic turned up after a thorough field investigation which revealed people’s passion to show others their likings, interests, hobbies and individuality. It gave rise to plastic cards with images of patriotic, geographic and artistic themes.

Pet themes became especially popular on Bank of America credit products which allow earning points on pet food and discount on trips to veterinarians.Capital One Bank has gone further. Its personalized plastic with charity donations is not the best product already. Now any Capital One customer can build up their own credit card, adding to it features and rewards they find most attractive.Capital One Card Lab is the first service in America to provide credit consumers with do-it-yourself credit options. Realizing that the personally chosen rates, rewards and design will provide for more confidence of choice and responsibility of card use, Capital One representatives are assured of the propriety of their program.

What do customers acquire as a result of visiting Capital One Card Lab? First, it is the transparency of the deal. Now, there’s no need to spend hours over the complicated fine print. You choose and combine features and rewards of choice and put them into a personalized design.Second, it is the careful planning and self-control of making decisions concerning credit card use. It’s supposed that when a person chooses points as the reward program on the deal, the person will make it a point to specify his everyday purchases. Likewise, if a customer looks to add a lowest APR possible, he/she is probably planning to carry balances. Such freedom to choose cards’ rates, fees and other prices is not unlimited, which prevents a user from creating a completely unprofitable for the provider payment tool. It means that a lowest interest rate may not go together with airline miles or hotel rewards.

The same is true to annual fees which are sure to be charged on a high-yield reward plastic. It does put certain restrictions on the customer’s freedom to build a personalized credit card but a smart person is sure to select and combine the features for a most profitable deal.To consolidate the success of the do-it-yourself program, Capital One preserves the personal image uploading service. Once a customer comes up with a finished credit card product, he/she is offered to use Image Card to upload their own image or one from the bank’s online collection.The theme collection is varied and evolving and you can always choose something new and interesting unless it contradicts the policy of the issuer and moral standards

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