Discover Card came into existence in 1985 courtesy of Sears Roebuck along with major credit cards such as Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. This card knows a great deal about competition that is why it came way ahead of its contemporary cards. In 2007, it emerged as a stand alone player in the credit card industry with no need for association with other companies. A remarkable feature of this card during its inception in 1985 was its high credit limits. This is complemented by the fact that they do not charge annual fees for card holders. Discover is the first credit card to implement a cash back bonus feature. Another fact which is worthy to mention is that, it is not issued by a financial institution.

Discover card’s market was initially in America and Caribbean. Through the years, the company has seen an increase in membership because of their strong presence in the areas they operate in. To this day, memberships and affiliations with this card continue to increase as more and more companies are accepting the card to its network. To date, they have 50,000,000 members. The card is honored by 4,400 business establishments and 260,000 ATM machines which has tremendously increased their number of transactions to billions.

The ever growing membership with the Discover card is proof that this card issuer is reputable and that it would benefit any company that accepts the card. For a company to be able to accept this card, it has to meet the standard size and scope of the business, as well as the number of credit card transactions that take place in a business establishment.

The increase in their membership can be attributed to the rewards cardholders get for every purchase. As a cardholder, you receive a 5% bonus on office supplies, 2% on gas, and 1% on other purchases. The more you purchase using this card, the more bonuses are made available to you. If you think that is all, you are wrong. If your overall annual purchase exceeds $5,000, you get 1% of your total annual purchase and 0.25% when it is below $5,000. During redemption, you can convert your accumulated bonuses for a reward. Discover is affiliated with more than 100 brand name partners for gift cards. For purchases you made from these partners, you will not be charged with a purchase fee and mailing fee. If you choose to donate to charities, discover card will add 20% of the amount you give. Bonuses can also be credited to your card account in increments of $50.

There are indeed many reasons why Discover cardholders wear beautiful smiles whenever they use their cards.

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