Sports, the Olympics, and Credit Cards

By ccflyers on February 4, 2008

Doing sports these days doesn’t just say that you want to be healthy and keep fit, this might also mean that you keep pace with popular trends. And sports are definitely one of them. As for me, when I was a kid I used to play as a quarterback in a school football team. Now my only sport is exercising my fingers in speed typing on my lap-top.
However, I am a big fan of the Olympic Games. Winter ones are my favorite. But this year’s Olympics are what I am really looking forward to. Hope, I will have a chance to watch most of competitions. And I have decided to devote this post to the Olympics and to credit cards, of course.
Visa International has teamed up with the Bank of China (BOC) in order to launch the first Beijing 2008 Olympic Visa credit card in China. This new credit card is aimed to please sports enthusiasts and Olympic lovers, and, of course, to support and honor the forthcoming 2008 Olympic Games that will be carried out in China.
The BOC-Visa Olympic card enables card holders to make transactions in different currencies. When in China one can pay in RMB, and when traveling abroad card owners can make payments in the official currency of the country they are visiting. Another convenience this card gives is an opportunity to settle credit card bills through telephone banking.
The five famous colors of the Olympic rings – blue, yellow, black, red and green – can be on the cover of a BOC-Visa Olympic card.
This credit card is a rewards credit card. But besides regular rewards, BOC-Visa Olympic card owners can take advantage of Olympic related rewards and programs. It even gives a chance to win tickets to the Olympics. I would love to become a lucky owner of one of the tickets, but I won’t be able to sneak away to China for a few weeks and leave my business here this summer. But I believe that true sports aficionados would give up their work for a while in order to enjoy the real fighting spirit and support our athletes.
If you take interest to know why it was Visa to team up with BOC and launch the card, the answer is simple but noteworthy. Visa has taken a commitment to support the global Olympic movement and promote the Olympic ideals of leadership, excellence, and competition.
Visa is a worldwide Olympic partner and sponsor since 1986. For over 20 years this world’s leading payment organization has issued over 21 million Visa credit cards bearing Olympic rings all over the world.
BOC-Visa Olympic credit card’s only disadvantage is that it is issued only for residents of China.

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2 Responses to “Sports, the Olympics, and Credit Cards”

  1. Barbara2008 said:

    Can I really win tickets to the Olympics with this plastic? Well, then I will think about applying for it!

  2. DanJohnson said:

    Of course, there are about 2 or 3 Olympic tickets for all credit cardholders! I never believe in that “apply and win” stuff.

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