Where would we be without credit cards? They let us buy things online, reserve rental cars, and finance big purchases we otherwise would not be able to afford. In the past few decades, credit cards have gone from luxury novelties to indispensible tools that the majority of Americans don’t leave home without.

But even if you use, and love, your credit cards, you may still not know everything they can do for you. Here are three things you can use your credit card for today:

Get money back on a purchase you already made. Program’s like Citi’s Price Rewind let you register your purchase on their website, which then monitors the price for you and notifies you if it drops within a certain time period. So, if you splurged on that new television and then it went on sale right after you bought it, you can be reimbursed on the amount you overpaid. Ask your credit card issuer if they have a program like this, and then read the terms and conditions to see which purchases are eligible.

3 Things Your Credit Card Can Do For You Right Now

Earn extra frequent flyer miles. Okay, most people know they can earn miles by using their credit cards for purchases. But you might not know that you can earn bonus miles through special programs that let you review meals you’ve had in restaurants, make purchases at certain retailers, and by signing up for new credit cards with great signup bonuses. There are many ways to maximize your miles-earning, so read through your credit card issuer’s website and promotional materials to keep up with the latest amazing offers.

Get help making travel plans. Concierge service, which comes free with many elite credit cards, such as many American Express cards and all Visa Signature cards, can help you with many aspects of trip planning, from buying plane tickets to making a hotel reservation. When you’re away from home, they can recommend things to do, places to visit, and point you toward the nearest medical facility or pharmacy in case of illness or other emergencies. This service is available 24/7, and there is a dedicated customer service line for prestige cardholders in need of assistance.

What will you do with your credit card today? The possibilities are nearly endless.

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